Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

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Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

1 March 2023
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The frustration that comes from not being able to get cool air despite your air conditioning sounding as if it's working can be overwhelming. When the air conditioner blows hot air, something is wrong with the AC process.

Familiarity with the common causes of warm air blowing out of your air conditioner can help prevent inconveniences. You can then take steps to prevent your home from experiencing the problem. 

The following are some of the most common causes of hot AC airflow.  

Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a fluid that travels through the AC system, changing from a low-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid. As the refrigerant travels, it absorbs heat, releasing it outside, thus helping to cool your home. Low refrigerant levels cause your air conditioner to lose its ability to transfer heat. As a result, air blown over your AC coils won't cool properly, and warm air will circulate throughout your home.

A leak in the refrigerant line may be the cause of low refrigerant. Therefore, to fix the problem, you should pinpoint the refrigerant leak in your system, resolve it, and then refill the refrigerant to its proper level. However, refrigerant is hazardous. So you should only attempt to fix refrigerant problems if you are a qualified technician.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

You could have bumped the thermostat, or one of your children could have played around and accidentally set it to heat. Switch the thermostat to cool and see if the AC blows cool air again.

Check that the fan is set to "auto" rather than "on." In the on mode, the fan runs throughout regardless of whether the cooling or heating is running. In other words, the fan blows warm air even when your air conditioner isn't working. With the auto function, the fan rotates when cool air is available.

Dirty Air Filters

Your air filters are responsible for trapping debris and contaminants from the air flowing through the AC. As the filters clean and purify the air in your home, they can become clogged over time. 

When air filters become clogged, air cannot enter the system, and cool air cannot circulate properly. As a result, the fan simply blows heat back into the room.

Replacement of the air filter is necessary, with the frequency depending on your filter type and several other factors in your household.

The best way to prevent your AC from blowing warm air is by having maintenance regularly. For more information on taking care of your HVAC system or help with any service, contact air conditioning services.

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