Useful Professional Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

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Useful Professional Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

Useful Professional Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigerators

26 February 2019
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As a commercial refrigerator owner, you're well aware of the benefits that this piece of equipment brings to your business. Most likely, your business can't operate normally without this equipment functioning properly, hence, the need to appropriately maintain and take care of it.

Commercial refrigerators are costly to purchase but will serve you for a long while if properly taken care off. Neglecting your fridge will not only lead to its breakdown, but it may also increase your overall business cost, i.e., energy bills may go up and you will face increased repair costs. Proper maintenance of your commercial fridge is important for the longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Below are some useful maintenance tips.

Scheduling Regular Professional Checkups As a business owner, such as a restaurant owner, you can't imagine having a malfunctioning freezer. Your products will go stale, leading to heavy losses. You may even be forced to shut down your restaurant as you try to get it repaired. 

Therefore, it's advisable to arrange frequent visits from your refrigeration expert. This way, the professional is able to detect any problem before it escalates and replace any worn out parts in advance. Faulty seals, hinges, and worn out parts tend to contribute to system failures, hence, the need for them to be replaced once worn out. Also, checking the electrical connections assists in preventing power failure in future.

Organize Cleaning of Your Refrigerator Parts by an Expert If you ignore your freezer's hygiene for a while, moulds will form, and the ice will get contaminated. Moulds and contaminated ice have an awful odour when left for a considerable time. This odour may even chase away your customers, as no one can stand a smelly, unhygienic business setting. Such a condition is normally caused by accumulated mould and dirt in your icemaker. Therefore, you need to arrange for occasional cleaning of your icemaker, bins, waterlines and dispensers to avoid such accumulations. 

In addition, your service technician should clean the condenser coils and evaporator frequently, reducing the load on the compressor, which goes a long way to reduce the chances of power failure. This also assists in reducing the energy consumed by your freezing unit, which goes a long way to reduce your energy bills.

Other than your normal cleaning and maintenance routines, having a professional service person check your freezing unit regularly is beneficial not only for your business but also for your peace of mind. You may not be sure of which parts needs cleaning and which parts to replace, but your HVAC contractor will always be sure of every part. Link up with a commercial refrigeration company for better maintenance tips.

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