Small Air Conditioning Changes That Save Big Money

A new HVAC system or just maintaining the old one can help you save money on your power bill. Learn more here.

Small Air Conditioning Changes That Save Big Money

Small Air Conditioning Changes That Save Big Money

4 January 2019
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When you want to feel cool inside your home but you don't want to amp up your AC unit and raise the cost of your energy bills, there is another solution. Making your air conditioning more economical isn't always about how you use the unit itself. Instead, you can make small tweaks throughout your property to enjoy significant savings.

Look out for air leaks

Unless your home is quite new, there's a chance that some of the seals around your windows and doors are allowing air to escape. When this happens, your air conditioning needs to work harder to keep temperatures low. To test for leaks, turn on your AC unit, leave it to run for a few minutes and then run your hand along the outside of any window and door seals you can reach. If you feel cool air there's a chance your unit is working unnecessarily hard.

Optimise your thermostat placement

Your AC unit's thermostat doesn't offer an accurate reflection of what the temperature inside the rest of your home is like. It measures the area that immediately surrounds it. As a result, if you place it in an environment that's naturally warm — such as in your kitchen — it may make your unit work extra hard for no reason. If moving your thermostat is a possibility, relocate it to an area where no immediate heat sources generate readings that don't represent the rest of your house.

Switch to a smart metre

With smart metres available from an array of companies, finding one that meets your property's needs has never been easier. Initially, you can use one to measure how much energy you're using and then make small adjustments to see how effective they are. Additionally, if you find one that works alongside an app you can control your air conditioning when you're away from home. This is an excellent way to make sure you turn it off after forgetting to do so while leaving your house in a rush.

Try adding fans to the mix

If you install a ceiling fan, you could make your room feel up to six degrees cooler. Ceiling fans move air around the room, making it easier for your AC unit to circulate cool breezes. Alternatively, try using a small desk or floor standing fan. The effects might not be as great, but they'll still make a modest difference and both options are inexpensive in terms of energy use.

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