Refrigeration Units for Restaurants: Key Features to Look Out for

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Refrigeration Units for Restaurants: Key Features to Look Out for

Refrigeration Units for Restaurants: Key Features to Look Out for

24 October 2018
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If you own a restaurant, it goes without saying that you'll need proper refrigeration systems. Keeping your supplies at the right temperature will directly influence the quality of your final products. Cold foods that are stored at the wrong temperature may easily harbour germs and other pathogens. Therefore, you should select the right refrigeration system to ensure proper business operations.

There are certain important features that every commercial refrigerator should have. Before making a purchase, make sure your unit has the following key features:

1. Automatic temperature sensing and adjustment

First off, your refrigerator should be able to automatically sense and adjust to temperatures in real time. If you need all your food held at 4 degrees Celsius, the unit should have a temperature sensor that takes internal readings continuously. Any significant variations should produce an alert that allows your staff to adjust accordingly. High temperatures can affect the freshness of your food supplies, while very low temperatures can cause your hydronic coils to freeze.  

2. Interactive and easy to use controls

In your restaurant, you need a refrigeration system that is easy to use for all your staff. This means the refrigeration unit should have clearly visible and understandable controls. An intuitive control panel ensures that your workers can monitor temperature readings, identify warning signs, and easily make adjustments as necessary. And with compact and sturdy knobs, you won't have to worry about replacing the buttons on a regular basis.

3. Manual reset function to recalibrate the unit

When using a refrigeration unit, you may need to set it to a custom temperature, humidity or pressure setting. These settings ensure that all your supplies remain fresh and suit the needs of your business.

However, you may eventually need to restore the machine to its default settings. Your unit should have a manual reset function that allows you to start over fresh. This often consists of a lever that you can quickly pull and release when necessary. Look out for a manual reset button before purchasing a particular unit.

4. A compact and insulated enclosure

Whether purchasing a single refrigeration unit or installing an entire cool room, make sure the room or unit is properly insulated. The roof and walls are often weak points for leaking air, which may affect cool temperatures. For metallic (aluminium) refrigerators, make sure a sufficient layer of polyurethane foam is surrounding the boundaries of the unit (other insulating materials are also available).

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