Alternatives to Consider When Contemplating Heater Installation

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Alternatives to Consider When Contemplating Heater Installation

Alternatives to Consider When Contemplating Heater Installation

11 June 2018
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Australia may be famed for warm temperatures, but the cold season can be incredibly chilly. If you do not want to stay bundled up in layers of clothing when indoors, it may be time to consider heater installation. But selecting the perfect heater for your home is not as simple as basing your decision on cost. There is a selection of options to choose from, and each heater has its pros and cons. Here is a list of alternatives that you can consider when contemplating heater installation.

Forced-air heaters

Undeniably, forced-air heaters are one of the more popular choices in the heating market. This type of heater functions by blowing hot air through ducts that are strategically situated around the house. It is best to have the ductwork already outfitted into your residence, or you will have pay extra for the heater installation. Once installed, the hot air is circulated through the entire home, as it is needed. While most forced-air systems operate on electricity, you can also choose other sources of power, such as natural gas or propane.

Electric heaters

As their name implies, these heaters are exclusively powered by electricity. Hence, they make an ideal alternative for residences that do not have accessibility to a gas or fuel line. There are two primary types of electric heaters that you could elect to use in your house. The first is electric baseboards that are installed individually in each room that requires additional heating. Since these units do not need any ductwork installation, you will find them to be a cost-efficient option. The second type of electric heater is the hydronic baseboard heaters. This alternative utilises heated water and is usually installed under flooring. Nevertheless, it is best to install hydronic baseboard heaters during construction, or you will have to contend with re-flooring your home.

Geothermal heaters

People that want to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible will be happy to learn that geothermal heaters help with exactly that. These types of heaters are renowned for being the most environmentally friendly option that you could consider, as they utilise heat that naturally emanates from the ground. Therefore, in addition to keeping your electricity consumption low, using a geothermal heater also translates into reduced utility costs for your household. The main thing to note about geothermal heating systems is that the initial set-up cost can be quite high. Nonetheless, one does pose a worthy investment for the long term. 

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