Don't Overlook These Simple Maintenance Tasks for a Commercial HVAC System

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Don't Overlook These Simple Maintenance Tasks for a Commercial HVAC System

Don't Overlook These Simple Maintenance Tasks for a Commercial HVAC System

30 September 2016
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When you're in charge of a commercial HVAC system, you'll want to call a technician to inspect the entire unit inside and out, either annually or as often as recommended by the unit's manufacturer. A commercial HVAC service technician can check the motor and blower and other parts that may be outside your area of expertise and ensure that your system is always working efficiently. However, there are some simple maintenance tasks you can perform on your own which can also help keep the HVAC unit in good repair, such as replacing the air filters. Note a few other simple maintenance tasks that you might be overlooking.

Check electrical connections

Inspect the wiring to the unit and to the motor and blower and other major parts inside your HVAC system. Is it in good repair or do any wires seem old, worn, bare or frayed? Is the protective rubber coating to any wires worn away in any areas? If the wiring to your unit should become too worn, the unit won't get the power it needs and it may struggle to operate; this can put undue wear and tear on the motor and blower. If the wiring wears away or becomes completely frayed, the unit stops working altogether. If you notice any poor-quality wiring to the unit or inside, call an electrician to have that replaced.

Check the belts

Your HVAC unit will have at least one belt or pulley that connects the motor to the blower. If this belt is loose or frayed, this too can put undue pressure on the motor and blower. Carefully inspect the belt for worn areas including cracks and tears. You can also turn the HVAC unit on and note if the belt seems tense and taut or somewhat loose as it spins. Replace any loose or even slightly worn belts or pulleys as needed.

Lubricate the bearings

Properly lubricated bearings will keep the motor and blower running optimally and help avoid excess corrosion. It will also reduce the amount of dust and debris that may build up in the unit itself. Not all commercial HVAC systems will have bearings in the motor and fan that need lubricating. Some bearings will have internal lubrication and the bearings themselves will wear out before this oil needs refilling. However, some bearings will have openings at the top where you can add a few drops of oil every season or as needed. Your owner's manual or a technician can show you where to add this oil to the bearings and note how often this should be done.

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