Air Conditioning | 3 Golden Rules For Installing A Split AC In Your Bedroom

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Air Conditioning | 3 Golden Rules For Installing A Split AC In Your Bedroom

Air Conditioning | 3 Golden Rules For Installing A Split AC In Your Bedroom

12 February 2016
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Air conditioning is one of the most crucial factors when you have to deal with sweltering hot summers, so you'll naturally want to ensure that you get the maximum value from your new unit. If the air conditioning unit is properly installed, you will enjoy optimum cooling in your bedroom, so follow these golden rules when working with your HVAC contractors to install a split AC in your bedroom.

Choose A Strong Wall Free Of Obstacles

A split air conditioner comprises of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is relatively heavy, so you'll naturally want to choose a wall that is robust enough to hold its weight without collapsing. Timber and brick walls tend to be stronger, while thin plasterboard walls may give way under the weight of the unit. If your wall isn't very strong, you can build a metal or wooden frame around the air conditioning unit for added support. You'll also want to make sure that the space on the wall you choose is free of any obstacles and sunlight heat sources to ensure optimum cooling in the room.

Place The Outdoor Unit In A Convenient Spot

You'll also need to make sure that the outdoor condenser unit of the split air conditioner is stored in a convenient spot that optimises cooling for your bedroom. For example, an east-facing outdoor condenser unit facing the direct wrath of the noon sun in summer will not cool your room as well as it would if it was stored in a shady spot. You will also need to make sure that the spot you choose is not too dusty and is at a safe distance away from trees and bushes. This will ensure smooth operation of your air conditioning unit because there will be no obstruction to the condenser's dispersed heat. You can also install a security netting around it to prevent the outdoor unit from getting to dirty thanks to falling leaves and other external debris.

Choose A Convenient Ground Clearance Height

Height is an important consideration when installing a split air conditioning unit because you will naturally need it to cool down the entire room as efficiently as possible. The height you decide will depend on the ceiling height of your home and your specific cooling needs. For example, some people like the AC directly above their beds for maximum cooling. Others prefer to choose the wall opposite the bed to prevent chilled air from flowing directly onto the body. You can work with your HVAC contractors to establish a proper installation height based on your specific cooling needs.

Follow these golden rules when installing a split air conditioning unit in your home.


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