A Wi-Fi Thermostat: Is It Right for Your Home?

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A Wi-Fi Thermostat: Is It Right for Your Home?

A Wi-Fi Thermostat: Is It Right for Your Home?

18 December 2015
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If you have heard from air conditioning services professionals that it is time to purchase a new air conditioning system, then you should also consider replacing your older thermostat. However, even if your AC system is fine, you may still want to consider replacing the thermostat. A modern, Wi-Fi thermostat will provide you with the control you want that is not offered with a standard or traditional thermostat. Also, a Wi-Fi thermostat can be operated remotely from your tablet or smartphone.

Is a New Thermostat Needed?

If you still rely on an old, manual thermostat—the ones that are controlled with sliders and dials—then you do not have the level of control needed to take advantage of all your AC system can do. In fact, you are likely spending more money than necessary each month because you accidentally leave it on when you are out of the house. You may also be losing money due to the inability of your fans to adjust automatically to provide maximum efficiency. Even if you have already installed a modern thermostat that is programmable, you may still benefit from an upgraded version.

Advantages of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

A recent and effective development in HVAC technology is the Wi-Fi thermostat. There are quite a few reasons this option is growing in popularity, which include these:

  • An ability to adjust to your preferences. The thermostat can learn your preferences and adjust automatically after a period of approximately a week. This will vary based on the model purchased.
  • Control from a remote location. With a Wi-Fi thermometer you can access and control it from an app installed on your tablet or smartphone. You can also make changes as needed if you plan to arrive home early and want to ensure the space is comfortable.
  • An ability to manage total energy usage. The app downloaded on your phone can track how much energy you are using. This will allow you to make adjustments to save money if necessary.

The Wi-Fi thermostat is still a relatively new piece of equipment; however, it is one that is growing in popularity. If you are searching for a way to save money and manage your energy consumption more effectively, then this may be just what you have been searching for. Speak with your air conditioning services provider to learn more about this piece of equipment and what you will need to do to have one integrated with your existing HVAC system.

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