Useful advice on how to decrease your air conditioning energy costs

A new HVAC system or just maintaining the old one can help you save money on your power bill. Learn more here.

Useful advice on how to decrease your air conditioning energy costs

Useful advice on how to decrease your air conditioning energy costs

14 December 2015
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When the summer months roll in, air conditioning is vital for those households that are located in environments that have warm climates. The heat and humidity outside can be too overwhelming, and refuge is needed inside a cool house. However, this air conditioning comes at a cost, and the bill can rack up very fast if you do not take the right preventative measures.

You will find that you can drastically reduce your energy consumption by making a few small tweaks. Best of all, you will barely see any change in terms of the temperature of your house.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you are trying to reduce your energy bill.

Tinkering with the air conditioning unit settings

Many people set the thermostat when the season changes and leave it at the same setting and temperature for the duration of the season. This is extremely inefficient and is a massive drain on your money. Certain areas of the house do not need to be kept as cool as other parts.

If you never use certain rooms in your house, what is the point of keeping them cool? If you have a programmable thermostat, you may be able to adjust the settings so that you will be able to compartmentalise the level of air conditioning that is being blown throughout different rooms. Each unit is different, so you will need to read the manual to find instruction on how to program it correctly.

You should also turn down the air conditioning when you leave the house for extended periods of time. If you keep your curtains and blinds closed, you will be able to stop the sun from shining in and heating up the house as much. When you return, it will only take a few minutes to get the rooms back to a cool temperature once again.

When you are asleep, you will not notice the temperature level. Therefore, you should decrease your usage of air conditioning at night and during off peak hours when you won't need it.

Make sure that your air conditioning unit is well maintained

While you should be getting a professional to service your air conditioning unit on an annual basis, you need to be conducting a regular maintenance routine yourself, every month or so. If the vents and filters are blocked, more energy will be required to provide the same amount of air. Therefore, you are literally throwing away money. Make sure that all of the ducts and vents are clear of any debris and make sure that they are also well insulated to prevent any air from escaping into areas such as the attic and the walls.

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