Ductless vs. Ducted Air Conditioning: Which Is Right for You?

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Ductless vs. Ducted Air Conditioning: Which Is Right for You?

Ductless vs. Ducted Air Conditioning: Which Is Right for You?

14 December 2015
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Whether building a new home or simply updating the amenities in your current one, choosing the right air conditioner for your family can be a difficult task. Since most companies offer a comprehensive lineup of systems ranging in cost, quality, and effectiveness, it is important to consider your options before making the big purchase.

There can be contradictory information across the internet, though, about the benefits of each system, but the main question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a ductless (individual) or ducted (central) air conditioner system?

What is the main difference?

Central HVAC systems operate by sending cooled air from one central location, normally a basement or storage room, through ducts to heat or cool the entire house. The ducts are sealed to ensure that little to no energy escapes, and this system keeps the entire home (or floor) at one temperature. On the other hand, homes cooled by individual units place them directly inside or on the window of each room— thereby eliminating the need for ducts.

Which is more energy efficient?

With global warming on the rise, many consumers are environmentally conscious, and it is understandable to get the most energy-efficient option for your home; however, with air conditioning systems, it really depends on how you plan to use them. As a general rule, ducted air conditioning systems are more efficient because their advanced technology ensures that less air (and energy) escapes the system. High end homes will also have advanced insulation systems that lower utility costs to a fraction of homes that constantly run individual units.

Alternatively, individual units are not as environmentally friendly unless they are only run for a few hours each day. If you only use your air conditioners sporadically and multiple units are never on at the same time, ductless systems may be worth looking into.

Which system is more convenient?

While some family members might enjoy the convenience of being able to set their room at a different temperature than the rest of the home, central air creates a uniform environment that remains constant. While individual air units may vary in temperature and effectiveness throughout the day, ducted systems provide an easy system that you never have to touch.

Although there are pros and cons to either HVAC system, central air is superior for most families. Its lower cost, energy-efficiency, and ability to create a constant environment cause many to install ducted systems and never look back. For more information, contact a local HVAC company like Kintore Airconditioning

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